Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mommy's Birthday! (17.07.2013)

Hihi! First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!  hahah so today's my beloved mommy's birthday and every year we'll just have a dinner at different erm.. so called "expensive" restaurants? yup, so we went to Oversea Restaurant. Nothing much about the restaurant so I'm just gonna fill this post with pictures with my face on it xD 

The people I love the most : daddy and mommy 

I was wearing this dress that i bought two years ago. I always thought it's very ugly and not suitable to wear to anywhere because I've never really tried it properly since the day I bought it :P
(see the difference in quality of using canon DSLR and just using S3? D': needa get a new camera!!)

Abalone!! okay la, there's nothing special about the dishes we ordered from this restaurant, so I only took picture of this. lolol. looks yummy rightt. hehehe 

there, there, finally a nice pic taken with sis! :)

After dinner, mom wanted to go for a drink, but not beer since dad's not feeling so well. Then we decided to go to this wine house, Shayo de Vin in Greentown, somewhere near GongCha/Chatime.

let the pictures do the talking again! :)
let's start from the outside...

Dad ordered this bottle of red wine, Deen De Bortoli? ahahah sorry, I dont know much about wine T.T but this wine is really good! It's really soothing and erm... nice? 

 Eventually, i was trying to take artistic pictures of the wine bottle and the wine glass, lol but failed. because my dad behind there kept photobooming!!

And now.. let's go in to the wine house :)

 The front bar. I really like this design alot, no idea why.

Once you're inside the wine house, it's filled with the smell of wine♥ and everywhere around you is just bottles and racks of wine! really beautiful 

not much pictures though, cause the pictures lighting were really bad since im using my phone to take all these pictures. 

 so... that's all for today! hehe ^^

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Zakka Loft

Hiii. First post for this new blog! okay, this is gonna be a lifestyle or maybe more to food blog. :) And yuppp, I'm gonna start off with this post of this cafe I just went, Zakka Loft, Ipoh Garden East. I've always loveee the designs and of course the cakes here! They also sell lots of D.I.Y accesorries, keychains, notebooks and moree. So, just gonna let the pictures do the talking!

Love all those colourful ukelele. They're too adorable!

Chocolate Brownies

Opera Hazelnut Cake

Rainbow Cake from Zakka Loft was the best I've ever tried too.

and.. me!

part of their wall decorations. Dream of flying~ this reminds me of the Japanese drama - Rich Man, Poor Woman xD