Thursday, 17 September 2015

PappaRich, CBD

Finally!! The long awaited Pappa Rich is opened starting from today! I'm definitely not a big fan of PappaRich when I was back in Malaysia, but after coming here, I just cannot describe how much I miss all the Malaysian food anymore. We've tried a few Malaysian Chinese restaurant or Singapore Malaysia restaurant etc but none of them really are up to my expectation. Except for one I've tried in the food court of Westfield Chermside, super good. The bf and I have been looking forward to the opening of PappaRich for like two weeks. So, as a Malaysian, of course we will have to show some support on their grand opening today! haha okay, cut all the craps and let's see how's the first PappaRich in Brisbane below!

First of all, it wasn't as crowded as we expected, in fact, kind of empty for their grand opening. But as I passed by a few tables when moving to our seats, I was already super excited to try out the food there!!

left view from our seat (we're being seated in the middle of the restaurant)

and right view from our seat.

As a UQMSA(University of Queensland Malaysian Student Association) member, we're entitled a free drink with any order or food. Check out the list below:

My choice: Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and free Barley juice.

Droolll when the food came!
I rate the food 9/10. and portion 7/10. The one mark from the food are deducted because of the disappointing portion T_T.. Personally, I think that by paying such price in Australia, they should at least increase the portion to Australian size.. but the portion is just the same as Malaysia.. 

Picture with my nasi lemak <3

Eric's choice: Dry curry egg noodles with steamed chicken (similar to wan ton mee)
Taste: 9/10
Portion: 7/10
This noodle was even more delicious than my nasi lemak and dont worry, the curry is not that spicy! It's super good just like those we get in Malaysia.. but again.. the portion...

Eric order another Roti Bom because he's not full yet. and guess what, it's so crazily good but the portion is like kid's meal T.T.... why lah? Roti Bom's size should be triple (cries) 
This Roti Bom is very similar to roti canai, served with condensed milk and sugar. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if they could improve the portions..)

and... this is what happens everytime I ask Eric to fill up the cup for me. Every. Single. Time. 

So here's an overview from the entrance, bad picture because I was shy to take picture LOLOL.

Overall, I really really would visit again the next time because all the food we've tried today is up to our expectations! Heh. The waiters and waitresses were friendly and nice too but can see they are all newbies..

Additional comments after a few more visits to the store:
After the first visits, we couldn't resist going back for more Malaysian food. Heh
Besides, the customers visiting the shop is no joke anymore. We had to queue up almost every time to get a seat. And to be honest, I felt that their food have even improved for the better, portion has increased too. In fact, it's even up to too full for me now whoops. 

This Roti Kaya is superb!! 

L104, Wintergarden Shopping Centre (171 - 209 Queen Street), Brisbane, QLD 4000
(just take the escalator right next to Coach).

Monday, 14 September 2015

Maru Korean BBQ, CBD

Yeeep, I'm gonna update a little about how I spent my last Sunday and introduce my current favourite restaurant in Brisbane. So... since its a Sunday, Eric and I woke up really really late because we watched <The Hills Have Eyes 2> the night before. I hate watching thriller or horror movie but I was forced so its okay at least its not about ghost just some disgusting mutant. The ending was really unsatisfying... nah not gonna spoiler or what, I still dislike any thriller movie. Back to the topic, by the time we get ready to go out was around 2pm. heh just how much I love the weekends. Could not feel our stomach anymore by the time we reached city. Ended making our fastest decision to eat in Maru again! It was the 7th? time ever since we've been here which means we've been visiting at least once a week. hahah 

 quick selfies before heading out. 

Cut my fringe two weeks ago because I was so tempted to have short fringe again. I got it cut in a Korean hair salon in city which explains how satisfy am I with the result heh. But I still flip them to the side from time to time because when the wind blows, it became middle parted... 

Maru's interior

love love LOVEEE all these side dishes. Cannot explain how good does the 오뎅(odeng) tastes. I also freaking love eating the kimchi here with the mayonnaise thingy side dish. HEAVEN xo

Eric's pick: Soy fried chicken. He eats the fried chicken here every time. 

My pick: Mild Seafood Jjamppong. I cant handle spicy food well so I have very limited choices. This jjamppong is love. Portion is more than enough for one person.

Look at how much seafood I got. so much love and the price can be considered cheap. It costs either AUD$12.50 or AUD$14.50. 

I also tried black bean noodle 자장면(jajangmyeon), seafood pancake 파전(pajeon), teriyaki bibimbap in Maru during my last few visits. Pajeon's portion was a bit small to be honest but taste super good. These are solely based on my personal taste, I really really love the food here. But a korean unnie I met at university commented that the food in Maru are not "korean" fully. haha but i still like it anyhow. 

Kayy, that's all for this post!


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Wrap-up Post

Despite of the Anatomy practical exam early in the morning tomorrow, I gave up studying and went through all photos I have taken and chosen some to sum up pretty much of my daily life here in Brisbane. I could say all me and boyfriend does everyday is either going to the university, or city, or the nearest shopping mall to our place-Indooroopilly Mall. I'm just gonna fill this post up with random pictures and warning first, mostly selfie! haha I will try to update daily from now on, pushing myself to take random pictures wherever I go or some interesting things that I want to share!

 Sushi shop in the city with reasonable(cheap?) price. 

 and some love to the people reading this! xD 

 Bought this minty-turquoise Converse from Platypus when I saw it the first time. too pretty not to buy but the brightness in this picture kind of ruin it. 

 Due to the bf's influence of love to sneakers, I've bought at least 10 pairs of new shoes (6-7sneakers) after being here for one month and two weeks..! heol..

My love and I <3

Throwback to my birthday weekend spent in Gold Coast with Eric's family that came to visit. Had a great time spending my birthday this year in Movie World and shopping in Harbour Town!

Our everyday path right beside the train station

I've been really bored especially night time here because by 6pm, the sky is dark, the street is totally quiet as if its 11pm in Malaysia already. As I try to get used to this boring lifestyle, I'm always trying to think of stuff to do in the evening. All this time, I've depend on the life saviour - KOREAN DRAMAS & VARIETY SHOWS. Yes, I almost finished all the recent dramas and latest episodes of variety shows. Still bored to death sometimes. But then! Finally! In most of the bookshops here, I saw these little colouring books that come in different drawings and styles and of course I bought it to safe myself from all the boredom. I was so amazed with these cute colouring books until I found out that they started selling these books back in Malaysia too.. not cool anymore.. lol

I really really love this colouring book as you can see, besides the drawings to colour based on our own creativity, there is also different life quotes in each page. In my life, I depend on life quotes a lot. like really, a lot. Whenever I'm feeling down, i'll search up for quotes that relate to the matter on Google. Then sometimes scribing them in notebooks and stuff. Really really fun little small thing to cure my boredom now. blablabla

That's pretty much sums up or actually did not really sums up my uni life.. Well, I will update more often and more precisely next time! 


Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Coffee Club CBD

First review after coming to Australia! Hahaha not exactly a review actually. Anyways, before coming to Oz, I thought I will be eating twice as much compared to when I'm in Malaysia but to be honest, no.... I freaking miss Malaysia's food now. First of all its because of the taste.. I guess I'm just not much of a western person, so I still prefer our Malaysian food or asian food better. Neither do my boyfriend is. So we have been hunting for good asian food(mostly Korean and Japanese) all this while. Back to western food! We came across many franchises of The Coffee Club and attracted me with their wide range of menu. The first time I've tried The Coffee Club's food is back in Gold Coast for breakfast with Eric's family. Their food was all great! So here's a second try in the city. P/s: I did not jot down the names of the food I ordered so I'm just gonna share the picture down below! Comments are given otherwise it means it's good!


 Eric's choice: Grilled Salmon which turned out quite disappointing.. The servings and its portion are just.. you comment!

Not much of a review as I said from the start, hmm.. pricing wise is a little bit expensive for a student, I wouldn't dine here often but still reasonable for its burger's portion. I will try to update more with cafes and restaurant that I like in the following posts. Especially the Korean restaurant we visit 2 times a week on average and also a Japanese restaurant with $3.50 for al sushi plates!! I'll show them next time after my assignments and exams are all done(cry).

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Back here after more than one year.. I know I promised to update from my last post but just realised I have been dragging it for a year, ha! Everything has been a huge rush for me, from college to university. I only managed to get a month of break before stepping into a new life again. However, I feel really thankful for everything as it has been going really well all these time. I've had all the family supports I needed and of course not to mention the love and care I could never asked for from my love one, and people around me. Without any of them, I wouldn't be who I am today, and where I am right now.

Brisbane has been really good to me and I'm of course very lucky to be able to step into a new milestone with my love one. Imagine if I were to leave my family to another country, doing everything by my own up till now, I don't think I'll be able to handle everything so easily. Thank you my love ones for all the chances and love I've been receiving all this time!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Birthday Dinner!

Finallyyy I'm back to blogging! After.... how long? more than half a year! Time passed so fast since last year after my SPM, my last December was all filled up with travelling and bonding time with family. I hasn't had much time to relax and straight away started college this January. Had been so busy dealing with assignments and tests from school till my first ever semester break in June, but again, unexpected trip to Korea came up and there goes my first and second week of the one-month break, and few days after coming back from Korea, the next trip with my family was to London. And that's it, end of my sem break... what?! So, second semester in college started in mid July and I've been so caught up with dues and assignments again. I just wanted to blog about this cafe that I went with my mom and love ones on my birthday on the 8th last month. I know I know, it was already a month ago and I'm only blogging now. And frankly, that's all just because of my laziness and really the queen of procrastination. I just don't know what I do in my daily life, screwing up the time tables and procrastinate my work to the last minute. I was such a bitch thanks to the overloading dues and also PMS lah the last whole week. Finally, I made a deal with myself to update my blog once the dues are cleared. So finally here I am, half way reading novel, half way playing Smurf Village on my iPad, and updating my blog that has grown mushrooms.. (moldy for not updating so long =="). So okay lahh, on my birthday night after I got back to Ipoh from KL after class, I wanted to find a classy and nice place for my birthday dinner, other than places like Ben&Lynette, Indulgence, Secret Garden and all, I wanted to try out something new! Went on TripAdvisor, and went through a whole list of restaurants in Ipoh. In the end, what caught my eyes was this cafe that was ranked quite high (I forgot, it was a month ago!) and the comments were mostly positive. So i didn't give a second thought of visiting this new place then. 

Bougainvillea City Cafe
Address: 21, Jalan Lau Ek Ching, Ipoh, Perak. (Opposite to Bricks&Barrels)

So, it wasn't hard for us to find that restaurant. However, the exterior of the place did not amuse me a lot. It's just a simple plain looking building. 

Went in and there's this art work on the left wall. There are a few murals too which I did not manage to snap pictures of.

View from the front door, it was not very big, but I couldn't say it is very small too, because the cafe was quite spacious and towards the end, they have a bigger space with more tables. As you can see, at right behind of the long walkway. 

Chose a table at the back and that is their small counter or bar? on the right of out table. Not very neat  and nicely-designed I could say, but it doesn't matter actually.

So, while waiting for our food, photos time!!!! With the person who brought me to this world and raised me, take care of me till today and giving me all the best that she could ever give, I love you, my cutie pie mami <3

Selfie of course! Never dyed my hair before niways. 

K, so here's my drink. Peach & Peppermint Milkshake. It might sound very disgusting to you, but it sounded yummy to me and I was in a need to satisfy my crave for milkshake. BUT, not what I expected, it tasted..... very minty, as in like very peppermint leaves taste.... And in the end, Nicole(Eric's sister) finished it all for me. Oh, and sure you realised why there's only a drink ordered, my family and boyfriend choose plain water over any other drinks. THEY ARE SO WEIRD. okay. maybe not, just that I like to try out different thing instead of drinking sky juice in a new place lor okay!

First served, Donald Duck Salad. Basically just duck salad, but they made it sound funny, I didn't even realised till I checked the name again on the menu. hahaha this is the best salad I would say I've ever tried, it's so good that it's not even enough for the four of us to share, so we ordered one more later. 

Chicken Ravioli Pasta which I did not manage to stop the others from eating before I take a picture.. So it's my portion for trying. The sauce of tomatoes and I don't know, mixed so well with the wrap and it tasted like heaven! 

And the very basic Wild Salmon Fillet. It might look just as plain and simple, but once again, the mashed potato behind there does not just taste like the normal ones that you eat out there, those probably taste a bit sour and only the sauce is good. Not this one though, it's very fresh and just the original taste of potato that I expected! Salmon is grilled perfectly too. 

Then it's the Pollo Queso, highly recommended too!

Smoked Duck Wrap. double thumbs up! To be honest, I am not really a meat person, as in I don't really fancy over beef, mutton, or duck those kind of meat.. but this is the best duck meat I've ever tried too. (I feel bad for you ducks..) I just wanted to grab the whole plate to myself and not sharing, but of course.. I must always share the good stuff with my love ones right!

Gelato ice creams too!

and lastly, Homemade chocolate and strawberry crepe. It is even better than the Nadeje crepes in my opinion. superrrrrr good!

Of course not missing out the birthday cake, a simple New York cheesecake.

My babe and me <3 We just couldn't take a proper and decent picture that night so...

this pose was perfect! xD 

Okay, to end my grandmother story, I personally really like this cafe and I would go again, I just don't have the time yet! The prices are reasonable, considered very cheap too to be able to get a taste on those quality. Overall, I truly enjoyed and was very satisfied with each and every meal I ordered, not to mention the waitresses there are very friendly also!

Back to blogging, I wanted to blog so much about all my previous trips and experiences, but when I viewed back on the photos I took during my Korea and London trips, there weren't as much to blog about... my fault for being so lazy and forgetful on taking pictures.. it was such a waste.. I know. I think I might blog about the Korea Homestay Programme I joined last December but who knows, I'm already doubting that I will blog about it, all the excuses will be coming up again. 

OH YEAHHH, I also will be starting to do something I had in mind for a long time, Polymer Clay Art!!! Finally got the materials and tools I needed all this time, and i will start crafting them very soon!! Stay updated ;)