Monday, 9 May 2016

Riverside & West End, Brisbane

I was left alone in Brisbane last whole week for the first time as Eric had to be back to Malaysia for personal reasons. I was initially quite worried how I would spend my week alone, what should I do.. where should I go and everything.. BUTTT luckily I met Quin, my course mate which was super willing to spend the most of her time with me and bring me around Brisbane! Good thing, we stayed just a street away from each other (I'm so blessed hahaha XD) So our first 'date' was to Riverside! 

Quin <3

Quin booked this place as she says they served really good food and we could enjoy the night view perfectly from this restaurant. If you dine in from 5.30pm to 6.30pm, you're entitled to half priced for almost every courses. So it's considered quite cheap!

Lucky enough, we were offered with the best seats with this spectacular view of Riverside

oops, caught selfie-ing

Lemon Lime Bitter? Quin suggested that it's a must to try on this beverage when in Oz, its like a mix of fruitzy lemon beverage? it's good though

My first choice of course would be the carbonara (all-time fav) the carbonara was beyond my expectation, too good. 

Calamari as appetizer

Quin's choice: Veal Oskar 

After the scrumptious dinner, we're not done! Quin brought me to The Three Monkeys Cafe located in West End for their tiramisu and teas!

look at the queue, it was already around 9pm at night... 

Simply snapped a picture of the cake display as I was embarrassed to take too many pictures in front of the queue hahaha

$25 cover I got from the street in Dongdaemun, my current favourite cover lol

We only ordered Tiramisu and teas as we were still quite full. Tiramisu is definitely one of the best I've tried!

Thanks to Quin I didn't feel lonely or bored throughout the week! More cafes/restaurant to be blogged in the following posts so stay tuned~

George's Paragon Seafood Restaurant website:

tata for now~

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Seoul Spring 2016 (Part 3)

On day 5, we initially planned to go to Everland but something came up so we didn't have enough time anymore. The journey to Everland is approximately an hour so even if we did go there, we wouldn't be able to spend a long time there. We ended up going to Lotte World again... it was my third time there.. meh.. and I still have not been to Everland..  

The taxi dropped us of at Lotte World Mall (Jamsil Branch), keep in mine that this is the one high-end brands and Lotte World Adventure is right across the road, the opposite. So if you want to go Lotte World, should get off at Lotte Department Store, not the World Mall to safe some walking unless you decide shop!  

Anyhow, this is the underground link between Lotte Wolrd Mall and Lotte Department Store/Lotte World. 

Since we reached there pretty late, we purchased the after 4pm which are slightly cheaper than the normal one-day pass ticket. 

After 4pm Price: Child 23,000won
Teenager 29,000won 
Adult 30,400won

While we were queuing for an outdoor ride.. and guess what, after 30minutes of queue, Albee is not tall enough for the ride! What happened was Albee didn't want to go for any children rides and she really wants to ride the adults(more fun) ones. BUT she is 5cm away from the minimum height requirement.. *cries* (faster faster grow up baby girl so we can play any rides the next time!)

So after walking around and eating churros/icecream/ice blended grape juice/sausages/etc etc) we just got on a few rides. Even Albee was feeling bored and lazy to queue up for any rides and we left around 7pm (after 3 hours of wandering around the amusement park XD)

After sending Albee back her mom, 3 others and I decided to visit HongDae instead of going home. So there we go! Hongdae, one of the most happening places in Seoul.

Taxi stopped us right next time elCUBE, a newly opened compact department store. Here they have pop-up stores for popular brands like PLAYNOMORE, Pony Effect, Line FRIENDS Store etc.. 

We were all starving by the time we reached Hongdae, and without any hesitation we just randomly chose a underground cafe that offered variety of Korean food. What attracted us was actually their display of food menu with English! hahaha 

Video: One of the many street performances that night. 

Following our dinner, we decided to pop into Bauhaus Dog Cafe again!! It was actually the second time Li-Sher(my friend) and my third time to be in Bauhaus, but what to doooo! I love love the place to much... However, since we arrived around 10.15pm that night and their closing hour is at 11pm, we're only allowed to play with the small sized furry kids. I was still very satisfied cause during my two previous visits I only played with the big-sized dogs. 

This pomeranian stuck to me the moment I sat down on the sofa!!

...and fell asleep while I kept stroking it

And not long after that, this came to stick beside me *cuteness overload*

No entrance fee is required for bauhaus cafe but everyone must order at least one drink, you are not allowed to share drinks. (4 person = 4 drinks)

Here's a glimpse of the big-sized dogs area. (pop over to my insta for pictures of previous experiences - id: yinjieee)

how can anyone resist all these cuteness T.T.. trust me, 2 hours will feel like 10 minutes in this cafe. 

Day 6: 

Last day to spend our day here since our flight is early morning on day 7. Spent our day fully in Myeongdong - last minute shopping. 

At least we were lucky enough to be able to see some cherry blossom on our last day. 

Din din at Jeju House (located in the left alley beside Myeongdong main street)

Day 7: on the way to airport 

Trips to Korea forever ends unexpectedly fast to me :( Since I had to be independent this time without a companion most of the time, there are a certain places I didn't make it because I was afraid to be roaming around the streets or enter a cafe alone.. 

Plans/Places I would visit during my next trip(hopefully): 
-N Seoul Tower with Eric!
-Noryangjin Fish Market 
-watch Nanta show in Myeongdong
-Paju city 
-cafes, cafes & cafes....