Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mini Pepero Cake Picture Tutorial

In conjunction with Pepero Day on 11/11, I'm back to clay crafting and came up with the idea of making mini pepero cake! Since I have very limited materials here in Australia, I couldn't plan much on what I want to make. It's my first time trying Fimo air dry clay as well so I'm still practicing on how to handle the clay properly before it cracks or dries up! Anyhow, I'm quite pleased with the result of all the peperos. So here, I'm gonna share how I easily make them with only air dry clay and acrylic paints.

Fimo Air dry clay that I used for the first time. For this, you can choose to leave it to dry and harden after sculpting or to microwave it for speedy harden effect. 

 To make this tiny star, I made a flat and thin sheath of clay, leave it dry for 15 minutes before cutting the star layout. 

 Pepero base: make a thin roll and cut them according to the same length, I used 1.5cm! Then colour the biscuit base with acrylic paint. 

 Add in 'melted chocolate' according to your desire colour! White chocolate/dark chocolate/pink or any colour. And for the melted chocolate design on the pepero sticks, paint it with toothpick or needle tip.

Combining them in a circle with a round clay base inside as the cake. 

I tried making the ribbon with clay as well but it's just too difficult, so I used pink origami paper for it (width: 0.2cm). 

Here's the end product! 

Happy 빼빼로데이!!

Clay crafting is really fun but requires a lot of patient and creativeness.. I could only say that I have all the patient takes to mould them but I'm still lack of the creativeness. Super amazed and always full of envy when I look up to clay artist on Instagram because their works are incredibly dainty and lovely! Anyway, I've also just created a new Insta page(FlutteringWishes) to share more of my artworks that I'll make in the future! Do look forward to more clay craft I'll be making and give your support! ^^