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Monday, 14 September 2015

Maru Korean BBQ, CBD

Yeeep, I'm gonna update a little about how I spent my last Sunday and introduce my current favourite restaurant in Brisbane. So... since its a Sunday, Eric and I woke up really really late because we watched <The Hills Have Eyes 2> the night before. I hate watching thriller or horror movie but I was forced so its okay at least its not about ghost just some disgusting mutant. The ending was really unsatisfying... nah not gonna spoiler or what, I still dislike any thriller movie. Back to the topic, by the time we get ready to go out was around 2pm. heh just how much I love the weekends. Could not feel our stomach anymore by the time we reached city. Ended making our fastest decision to eat in Maru again! It was the 7th? time ever since we've been here which means we've been visiting at least once a week. hahah 

 quick selfies before heading out. 

Cut my fringe two weeks ago because I was so tempted to have short fringe again. I got it cut in a Korean hair salon in city which explains how satisfy am I with the result heh. But I still flip them to the side from time to time because when the wind blows, it became middle parted... 

Maru's interior

love love LOVEEE all these side dishes. Cannot explain how good does the 오뎅(odeng) tastes. I also freaking love eating the kimchi here with the mayonnaise thingy side dish. HEAVEN xo

Eric's pick: Soy fried chicken. He eats the fried chicken here every time. 

My pick: Mild Seafood Jjamppong. I cant handle spicy food well so I have very limited choices. This jjamppong is love. Portion is more than enough for one person.

Look at how much seafood I got. so much love and the price can be considered cheap. It costs either AUD$12.50 or AUD$14.50. 

I also tried black bean noodle 자장면(jajangmyeon), seafood pancake 파전(pajeon), teriyaki bibimbap in Maru during my last few visits. Pajeon's portion was a bit small to be honest but taste super good. These are solely based on my personal taste, I really really love the food here. But a korean unnie I met at university commented that the food in Maru are not "korean" fully. haha but i still like it anyhow. 

Kayy, that's all for this post!


Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Coffee Club CBD

First review after coming to Australia! Hahaha not exactly a review actually. Anyways, before coming to Oz, I thought I will be eating twice as much compared to when I'm in Malaysia but to be honest, no.... I freaking miss Malaysia's food now. First of all its because of the taste.. I guess I'm just not much of a western person, so I still prefer our Malaysian food or asian food better. Neither do my boyfriend is. So we have been hunting for good asian food(mostly Korean and Japanese) all this while. Back to western food! We came across many franchises of The Coffee Club and attracted me with their wide range of menu. The first time I've tried The Coffee Club's food is back in Gold Coast for breakfast with Eric's family. Their food was all great! So here's a second try in the city. P/s: I did not jot down the names of the food I ordered so I'm just gonna share the picture down below! Comments are given otherwise it means it's good!


 Eric's choice: Grilled Salmon which turned out quite disappointing.. The servings and its portion are just.. you comment!

Not much of a review as I said from the start, hmm.. pricing wise is a little bit expensive for a student, I wouldn't dine here often but still reasonable for its burger's portion. I will try to update more with cafes and restaurant that I like in the following posts. Especially the Korean restaurant we visit 2 times a week on average and also a Japanese restaurant with $3.50 for al sushi plates!! I'll show them next time after my assignments and exams are all done(cry).