Sunday, 10 April 2016

Seoul Spring 2016 (Part 1)

안녕! Definitely took me long enough to just update a new post.. but yup finally here to update a little.. So I was supposed to update about my previous two visits to Seoul in 2015, but the pictures editing took me long enough and I got a lil fed up with that and I decided to just update about my latest trip to Seoul this year since there aren't too many pictures and mostly do not require any editing hahaha

SOOOOO, if you know me enough, I love love Korea ever since I'm dragged into the K-pop world. Not saying much about kpop because there will be no fullstop then... and so, I visited Seoul for my 6th time last week during my Easter break. I'l let the pictures do the talking from now on!

@강남구 논현동 Gangnam-gu Nonhyun Dong (main road around the apartment I stayed)

First day's brunch: Doota Food Court

Albee and her Japanese Curry Udon with Fried Pork Fillet

햄 볶음밥 Ham Fried Rice

만두 국수 Pork Mandu Noodle Soup 

And I dont know the name of this, just some really spicy dish hahaha

Selfie time @Banila&Co 

Street food + hot drinks

Second day:
앞구정 로 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu. 

Second day's brunch was basically just breads I bought from the food market in Galleria Department Store (the white building in pic). 

This store sells mini gangnam dolls and some other k-pop merchandises, BUT THEY CURRENTLY DO NOT SELL ANY BTS STUFF YET...... what a great disappointment... All I was looking for was just BTS gangnam dolls and keychains..

EXO Gangnam Doll


and see, this is the reason why BTS is bae, the only Gangnam doll with their signature. None of the other Gangnam dolls is signed except for BTS's *cries* 

now you know who's my fav member. but seriously though as a BTS trash, it's super hard to choose only one bias from the group!

Petitzel fruity flavoured waterjelly is a must to try out! Eventhough it might looks kiddy but I love love it. Can get in any convenient stores in Korea like GS25 and 7-Eleven. 
Price: 1,800 won for grape flavoured ones
1,500 won for peach and apple flavours. 

Evening in 가로수길 Garosugil for some shopping and cafe hunting!

Skin Food Store & Cafe

Skin Food's lemon themed cafe definitely calls for lots of pictures taking and mini photoshoots!

p.s: All the photos of me are taken by Albee(Eric's youngest sister)!! Such skills at her age hahaha

LINE FRIENDS Store and Cafe

A pic with their gigantic Brown doll and photobomed by Eric's mom... Do not forget to take pic with the doll when you visit the store!

Everything in the store is utterly cute!! I wished I stayed a lil longer and had a taste of their food in the cafe.. guess I'll just have to go again and blog for a second time during my next visit!

Dinner at random restaurant behind the alleys in Garosugil. 

That's pretty much everything from Day 1&2..
Seoul Spring 2016 (Part 2) will be coming up real soon! 
Thanks for reading!

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