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Thursday, 17 September 2015

PappaRich, CBD

Finally!! The long awaited Pappa Rich is opened starting from today! I'm definitely not a big fan of PappaRich when I was back in Malaysia, but after coming here, I just cannot describe how much I miss all the Malaysian food anymore. We've tried a few Malaysian Chinese restaurant or Singapore Malaysia restaurant etc but none of them really are up to my expectation. Except for one I've tried in the food court of Westfield Chermside, super good. The bf and I have been looking forward to the opening of PappaRich for like two weeks. So, as a Malaysian, of course we will have to show some support on their grand opening today! haha okay, cut all the craps and let's see how's the first PappaRich in Brisbane below!

First of all, it wasn't as crowded as we expected, in fact, kind of empty for their grand opening. But as I passed by a few tables when moving to our seats, I was already super excited to try out the food there!!

left view from our seat (we're being seated in the middle of the restaurant)

and right view from our seat.

As a UQMSA(University of Queensland Malaysian Student Association) member, we're entitled a free drink with any order or food. Check out the list below:

My choice: Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and free Barley juice.

Droolll when the food came!
I rate the food 9/10. and portion 7/10. The one mark from the food are deducted because of the disappointing portion T_T.. Personally, I think that by paying such price in Australia, they should at least increase the portion to Australian size.. but the portion is just the same as Malaysia.. 

Picture with my nasi lemak <3

Eric's choice: Dry curry egg noodles with steamed chicken (similar to wan ton mee)
Taste: 9/10
Portion: 7/10
This noodle was even more delicious than my nasi lemak and dont worry, the curry is not that spicy! It's super good just like those we get in Malaysia.. but again.. the portion...

Eric order another Roti Bom because he's not full yet. and guess what, it's so crazily good but the portion is like kid's meal T.T.... why lah? Roti Bom's size should be triple (cries) 
This Roti Bom is very similar to roti canai, served with condensed milk and sugar. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if they could improve the portions..)

and... this is what happens everytime I ask Eric to fill up the cup for me. Every. Single. Time. 

So here's an overview from the entrance, bad picture because I was shy to take picture LOLOL.

Overall, I really really would visit again the next time because all the food we've tried today is up to our expectations! Heh. The waiters and waitresses were friendly and nice too but can see they are all newbies..

Additional comments after a few more visits to the store:
After the first visits, we couldn't resist going back for more Malaysian food. Heh
Besides, the customers visiting the shop is no joke anymore. We had to queue up almost every time to get a seat. And to be honest, I felt that their food have even improved for the better, portion has increased too. In fact, it's even up to too full for me now whoops. 

This Roti Kaya is superb!! 

L104, Wintergarden Shopping Centre (171 - 209 Queen Street), Brisbane, QLD 4000
(just take the escalator right next to Coach).