Saturday, 20 July 2013

Indulgence (19.07.13)

Tadaaa~ It's friday, friday~ but mehhh, sucks when tomorrow still have school zzz. We'll still be having a displacement class for the upcoming Deepavali.. I FEEL SO LAZYYY. Going to school and all!!! :( but what can i do.. gotta endure for just few more months and I'm out of this high school!! 
Kay kay, don't wanna drag so long just because I didn't know how to start this post :P so, went to Indulgence for lunch today! We're supposed to go Burps & Giggles :( I even dressed up a little bit hippy. lol but nvm.. Excuse for the bad pictures, because I wasn;t really in a mood of blogging of that restaurant, but still I'm blogging about it now.
And... I also had a bad face day? .___.

I think the interior and lighting looks wayyyy better at night.

The table arrangements and all are different today as they will be having an event there.

 As always~ I love the bar :P

 Andddd, my model of the day: my boyfie, Eric ♥ hehe ^^

Specials of the day.


Taking picture right outside the washroom hahah

Time for food~ excuse the bad angles too D: it doesn't even make the food looks yummy or attractive. lol

Eric's Atlantic Salmon

My forever boring choice, Chicken Lasagne

Mom's Mia with only 4 prawns, 4 raw oysters on 4 pieces of small bread?

Sister's Zita Funghi (V)

My Rozz Latte (Hibiscus & Soy), which I totally do not recommend you to try it.. only if you like soy or things that taste as bad as organic food. It just tastes like soy... and sour? 


sleepy looking....