Saturday, 27 July 2013

Plan B, Ipoh.

Bedoo bedoo. Been sick for few days beginning of the week and finally get back some appetite yesterday! So today we went to try out something new in Plan B. Here we go~

Roadside view. (just a part of it la)

The entrance.

outside the entrance.

Let's enter the restaurant~
ok. this is just the view from my seat, which was the most left of the restaurant.

There'e outdoor too.

My Iced Peach Tea

Eric's Classic Caesar Salad which was really good!

Eggs Benedict that I ordered. It was really yummyyyyy too.

Walnut Brownie

Lemon Meringue Cake

And.. The Loaded Club Sandwich that we didn't finish... It was good but maybe we were too full for that already..

The outdoor :)

And the very common w.c. lol 

Selfie with Eric :*

After the meal, we went around and took lots of crazy pictures

Behind there, there are rooms like art galleries and also books galleries?

Nah, nothing much, Plan B is really a nice place to hang around and for photoshooting. It is also linked to Burps & Giggles which is located behind it. Er.. or it's suppose to be the other way round.